SUP Competition 2016 in Ruissalo


Playful SUP contest in Ruissalo during August.


The goal is to paddle around the green buoy (look at the map) as fast as possible. The distance is around 1,5km and it should take around 15-25 min, so you have plenty of time during the rental. Time starts at the sand and ends once the SUP board’s tip touches the beach. Our summer employee at the beach can help also with the timing.

Prizes for fastest woman and men:
1) 2 hours free stand up paddling + 10€ Gift Card to Jäägurtti  + 24 x Red Bull 250ml
2) 1 hour free stand up paddling + 5 € Gift Card to Jäägurtti + 12 x Red Bull 250ml
3) 1 hour free stand up paddling + 5 € Gift Card to Jäägurtti 

Lauri Marjanen clocked the first time 16 min and 3 seconds, that’s a targer for all the guys to beat. For women we try to get first time to beat in upcoming days. We will update the TOP times regularly at our Front page. You can send your time to us at or just tell to to our employee at the beach. Please let us also know the board and average wind (and possibly direction), so we can also compare its effect.



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  1. 26/02/2019 at 15:02

    Nie wiem co do końca autor miał na myśli..ale
    i tak jest całkiem nieźle.

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