Below you can find the SUP-Routes that we have tested and found out to be good! In Aura river there are multiple spots to end/start your trip. Either next to Föri (close our garage), in front of Radisson Blu Marina or at any boat docks along the river.

Route times below are rough estimates, it’s dependent on the wind, paddlers fit and whether you will have breaks or not. On the longer trips it’s good to stop somewhere and crab a sandwich/a beer to keep you going. Even if you are not in a good fit you can also complete the longer routes but it’s recommended to start off with a shorter trip and learn the right technique first.

In case you know a good route, please feel free to share it with us so we can upload and share it with all paddlers!

Route: Uittamo – Föri Ruissalo – Föri (short) Ruissalo – Föri (long) Riippusilta – Föri
Lenght: 4,0 km 5,5 km 12,0 km 9,0 km
Time 1 hr 1,5 hrs 4,0 hrs 3,5 hrs
Suitable for beginners beginners experienced some experience
Suitable wind South West West East