JP PADDLE: GLASS – 3-Piece – 181-226 cm


The full composite fiberglass construction provides performance at great value.
Fiberglass flexes naturally and is therefore easy on your shoulders and back.

The nice feature to the 3-piece paddles is that the extension can be attached directly to the bottom
part to work nicely as a kids paddle


The stringer inside the blade creates stiffness while the full fiberglass pressure molded blade is leak proof.

ABS handle.

The shafts have a horizontally roughened surface for a goodgrip.

Blade: fiberglass
Shaft: fiberglass with glossy rough finish
Length: 5‘11“-7‘5“, 181-226 cm (171-215 cm: by cutting the extension you can adjust the range you need)
Weight: 880g
Size / Blade Area:
• 90 in2 (17“ x 8.3“, 43 x 21 cm)

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