venus_109SUP- board is the most important equipment in stand up paddling. The boards vary in size, building materials and prices. Right board for the person can be determined by the purpose of the use , size of the person and experience. The basic rule is that the wider and thicker the boards offers more floatation and stability. Narrower board on the other hand will be faster but less stable.

The materials used in the boards are fiberglass, carbon-fiber , wood and pvc. Carbon boards are lighter and often more expensive. When you pay more for SUP board usually you pay for the materials which are lighter and stronger. Basic boards which are also mostly use by Suprental as well are built from fiberglass, wood and pvc material. Sup boards can also be inflatable which means they can be packed small and are pumped with a special hand pump to make the shape of board. Inflatable boards are great for traveling or to be fitted in small cars. However they are not as firm or fast as the hard boards. But for shorter trips and if you paddle in different places they are a great option. Board prices vary between 600 € – 2000 €.NP_Sup_Paddles

Paddle – Paddles are manufactured mostly from plastic, aluminum, wood and carbon-fiber. Aluminum and plastic paddles are the cheapest but heavier than more expensive carbon paddles. The difference is quit noticeable when paddling for longer distances. The paddle should usually be about 30cm longer than the height of the person. Some paddles are adjustable and others are fixed length.


lh_0066Leash – is used so the board won’t escape in the case of falling off the board. Especially on windy and choppy conditions leash can be a great help. The board is also the main floating device so it is important that the person is connected to it in case of operating failure 🙂 Also when parking the board in the dock the leash is a great help.SUP wetsuit

Wetsuit – In midsummer when waters are warm there is no need for wetsuit. In cold waters wetsuit can be recommended if there is a risk to fall in the water. However, in sunny summer conditions wetsuits are quite hot for paddling because they don’t breathe  so well. But there is neoprene clothing especially designed for SUP. These are more flexible and thinner than average surfing wetsuits. Look more on our SUP shop.

Roof rack – It can be a challenge  to fit full size SUP-board (not inflatable) into a normal car. Roof rack can be a great help on this issues. We also rent Thule roof rack for sup boards . It can be attached to cars which has rack bars on the roof.